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Gorgeous wedding band!

Caramel Over Vanilla Ice Cream in Hollowed-out Apples

Someday I want this as a tattoo right next to my scar, because carrying this little life has been my greatest achievement

Lip Paint... It goes on clear and turns pink based on the alkaline levels of your skin! (High levels = bright pink, low levels = nudey pink) Checked YouTube and saw it in action! Very cool

Curling wands are so much faster than curling irons, and this one comes with four barrel sizes.

"Confessions of a long hair ADDICT! .... People always compliment me on my long hair and I always tell them to take biotin, it makes my hair and nails grow like crazy! I can't give up my hair dryer so I always use the low setting and only dry pointing it downward. Lastly, I use Eucerin shower oil instead of shampoo, it produces a light lather and does NOT leave your hair greasy like Wen, plus it's a whole lot cheaper!"

cute nails for valenties

matte topcoat- make any nail polish matte

Sunbathing bandeau: Use T-shirts to make this top, just take 2 shirts, cut from one arm pit to the other so you have a full circle piece, then do the same to the other shirt, then loop one through the other, sew the back together and sew the folds in front.

Cute! This is the best 2-pc. suit I've seen in a long time. Classy, not over exposed, accents curves.

Nailed it. cool nail art design