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Meal prep foods

My daughter dislikes granola bars and swallows granola morsels down as if they were the yuckiest things in the whole wide world but one bite of our homemade oatmeal date bars has turned her into a believer! Oh yes!! These are absolutely yummy, healthy and soooooo good! I just tried this for the

Homemade granola bars

Crockpot meal freezer kits. Just spent an entire day working on this and the first meal we made (Teriyaki Chicken) was a hit! Can't wait to make use of the others! It'll be nice to just thaw it out and throw it in the crock pot. And since I DID spend all that work beforehand prepping everything, it really IS a homemade meal- it just will come together faster on the nights we'll need it.

Freezer storage. Freeze flat, then stand up next day. Flat bags/no air keep food fresh longer, store compactly and you can see what you are getting. Shred cooked pork and chicken for handy use.

Freeze ahead crock pot meals...ok, usually the freeze ahead meals are full of sugar or things we'd never eat, but these are actually good for you and are things we'd eat and could adapt to our new foods list. Definitely doing this! So often, I need a back up plan or something that could be made on short notice and meals in the freezer section are full of junk.

Britt Gets Fit & Fab. make ahead meals meal planning healthy - also a great journal to read

All my meals prepped for the next 3 days!

This is a general meal plan I follow my husband and boys eat differently so meal prep and planning is a must!!!! I enjoy this life style and the amazing people iv met especially the elderly at the gym! They are all amazing

Meal prep! Egg white muffins made in Canadian bacon, and a weeks worth of meals! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

7 Step Meal Prep to Save Time: Meals clean and packed with nutrient dense lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats.