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African Prints in Fashion: Mozambique Beauties

Fruity Mozambique by BeyondBordersMedia, via Flickr

Smiling eyes. Girl - Goba, Mozambique Africa

Photos by Patrick Kelley and Eric Kruszewski

Faces of Change 2012 – Vox United

Photos by Patrick Kelley and Eric Kruszewski

Faces of Change 2012 – Vox United

34 wells rehabilitated in the Cabo del Gado province of Mozambique means potable water for over 50,000 people!

This Old Well: 34 wells restored – Vox United

Vox United, Patrick Kelley

Changing the World, One Picture at a Time – Vox United

mozambique-11 by dylancampbell, via Flickr

Mozambique: Guitar Hero

Sandimhia Renato in Mozambique is one of an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide who lack access to adequate sanitation. Without sufficient toilets, Sandhimhia has to leave the village and cross this bridge to find a discrete place to defecate amongst the bushes. #worldtoiletday

Raising a stink about global sanitation

Saquina Mucavele, executive director of MuGeDe - Mulher, Genero e Desenvolvimento (Women, Gender and Development), a non-profit based in Mozambique. Credit: Sabina Zaccaro/IPS


Maria Mutola (Mozambique): She is without doubt Mozambique’s biggest name when it comes to sport. Her days of glory started right at the Atlanta Olympic in 1996, when she managed a bronze in the women’s 800 meters, finishing well behind Russian Svetlana Masterkova and Cuban Ana Quirot. However, four years later in the Sydney Olympics, she more than made up for the disappointment by winning gold, outpacing her rivals. It was Mozambique’s first, and so far only gold. Mutola is often ranked as th