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Braid 17-French Braid Tie Back

Braid 17-French Braid Tie Back

The only no heat-hair curling tutorial that works for me! Two twists gave me lots of little tiny curls. I tried again, pulling all of my hair back into one big twist instead of two, and it worked much better. I didn't even have to touch it up and it lasted all day. Finally! 💋

A well-balanced diet can add essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins to help your hair grow faster.

Nine Months of Hair Regrowth: 5 tips to grow your hair back stronger & healthier...

1. brush hair to one side 2. place headband on top of hair 3. twist one strand of hair from underneath the headband and tuck it in(like in the overnight curly hair tutorial i did for the wedding edition) 4. keep doing this until it reaches the back. Do the same for another strand on the other side of your head. 5. When the two strands meet, twine them together from underneath the headband. 6. keep adding pieces

Always Dolled Up: 20 Amazing Buns for Bad Hair Days

Organix Macadamia Oil Intense Hydrating Mask I am 17, my hair was very damaged from everyday blow drying, teasing, or maybe swimming c, i generously used in my damp hair, left it in for an hour, washed it out, towl air dryed my hair, color looks amazing, super soft, split ends basically gone.