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"We push women to study, to get a great job then at some point they have to choose between a family or a career. Women shouldnt have to choose" Licia Ronzulli often brings her daughter at the European Parliament as a symbolic gesture to reclaim more rights for women in reconciling work and family life.

That is so sweet, I want to cry! :). LOVE THESE STORIES SO MUCH!!

Absolutely amazing. A husband with his wife during labor. ♥

vmburkhardt: (via Magic Moonlight Free Images: Winter Girls! Free images for you!)

20 Amazing Reflections on Water

[❦ Still one of the best....have to watch at least once each year.] Humphry Bogart as Rick Blaine in Casablanca

Red Lips and simplistic beauty

Couples dancing in the street in Paris, 1950s.

Carousel in Snow, Paris, France

This made my heart smile.

Pride and Prejudice Engagement… (Click through for the rest.) This is so adorable!!

The lion whisperer, Kevin Richardson