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Stuff I am not getting for my apartment but still think is cute

Linda has this chair in the music room and I like it. Would I want the same chair as her?

I can't decide whether I like this chair, but I think I do

Goes well with my couch, no? Maybe it will go on sale soon...

  • Gypsy Soul

    Pain, I use to work for cost plus with Skella. If you sign up for their email coupons they usually have like 20% off and such

This couch is cheap and I like it. *I ended up getting an expensive couch for a small amount of money, but I still like this cheap couch.

Sleeper sofa so my imaginary friends can stay over at my imaginary apartment. *ended up getting a different couch. Don't worry. I have an inflatable mattress for my imaginary friends to sleep on.