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Nickelodeon has always been full of hidden adult humor. I love it.

Fuck the shower curtain I want the sexy guy in the window of it


omfg i'm so done with tumblr after seeing this.

I want this! It is hard to find tragus piercings that I like.

Burning Sage will repel mosquitos and other pests. It smells heavenly, and avoids exposure to toxic chemicals.

Love this candle !!!! WANT EXTREMELY BAD

she's so pop punk.

Sexually Forward Kangaroo

Prettiest cat I think I have ever seen. ♥

The weekend organizer {creating simplified + organized personal reference files} | Fabulously Organized Home

April Fools Day! These are too funny to not repost... The oreo makes me want to throw up! Plus, that's a waste of an oreo! Ha ha!

Disney After Ever After: What really happened after Disney movies ended... this is horrible, but so funny and he's so talented!!!

When the fairy tale ends, real life begins… These are actually depressing...

costumes in accurate period wear.

6 tips for paying off your debt;; Might need this one day...

American Eskimo Dog Puppies

Alaskan Husky and Golden Retriever mix. perfect dog.