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Crossfit Workout that includes running. I hate running but at a half mile at a time I think I could handle that. ;)

Exercise 2: Side Plank with a Knee Tuck — Prop your body up on your left forearm and feet staggered. Form a straight line with your torso and don’t let your hips sag. Without moving the top half of your body, brace your core, and pull your left knee into your belly button. Kick it back out to start and complete 10 reps

Exercise 3: Plank with Leg Raise — Brace your core, contract your butt, and raise your right leg up as far as possible without hunching your back.

Exercise 4: Elevated Side Plank — Twist back up into left side plank position with your feet stacked. Raise your right hand into the air so that your body forms a “T” and hold for 20 seconds.

treadmill intervals to burn belly fat - totally doable...highest speed is 7 mph.

The total body workout only takes 8 minutes and doesn't involve any equipment. The 8 Minute, Fat-Blasting CrossFit Workouts.

Drop a Jeans Size Workout. This plan is designed to slim you all over but especially targets your abs, butt and thighs.

workouts to follow for the whole month... A lot of options and a calendar to follow!!! PIN

For the love of sweat :)