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Victor Landa

Victor Landa

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning author, dies at 87 Que en Paz descanse el maestro.

Meet the Latinos Driving L.A.'s Craft Beer Revolution Latinos driving a beer revolution? This is a good story, but the cynic in me will wait for your uncurbed comments.

Cuba makes Good Friday an official holiday Since Pope Benedict’s visit to Cuba in 2012 the Cuban government has been easing it’s restrictions against religion. It’s interesting to note that this year the national holiday commemorating Fidel Castro’s defeat of the 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion coincides with holy week. The kids get a day off from school anyway.

Federal ruling sparks policy change for jailed immigrants facing deportation in Oregon counties This is an important development.  The U.S. District Court for the District of Oregon has ruled that holding undocumented immigrants solely ...

Flock to the Shepherd -The Charismatic Taco al Pastor OK ... yum!

Politics Meets Religion at Catholic Border Mass A Catholic mas, celebrated at the border fence in Nogales, Arizona, shows, in a way few other things can, that the immigration is a human, not political, issue.

Texas Twins Campaign, but They Aren’t Sure for What Is a lack of Spanish fluency a “drawback” for Latino politicians in the U.S.? Jason Horowitz says as much in this NYT article. The idea, buried in the 7th paragraph, says a lot about how observers at large define Latino leadership, and how the Latino electorate is expected to act within a narrow set of assumptions.

The Latino Experience In Appalachia Latinos in Appalachia? Hernando de Soto gave the mountains their name in the 1500′s. Latinos have worked in the Appalachian coal industry since the 1800′s. Yes, there are Latinos in Appalachia.

Will Today’s Hispanics Be Tomorrow’s Whites? Food for thought. As Latinos grow in numbers and power, what kind of leadership will we offer? How will we define ourselves?

Castro vs Patrick on Immigration: a Tale of Two Different Debates My take on the Castro/Patrick debate: I should have made popcorn.

Don’t forget about Hispanic fathers when it comes to paternal depression Research published in “Pediatrics ” shows that Latino fathers, 25 years old, are more likely to suffer from paternal depression. This leads to more corporal punishment, less interaction, more stress among their children.

12 Latino and Black Musicians Changing the Face of Classical Music Keep this tab open. Come back to it throughout the day as you take work breaks. Listen to these wonderful young musicians.

Obama To Religious Leaders: No Unilateral Immigration Fix Planned ”While there’ still a window,” is the operative phrase. Immigration reform has turned into a stare-down.

Hispanics remain unequal when it comes to health care This makes a convincing case that citizenship rights, guaranteed under the constitution can’t be realized with adequate health care.

Ballet Hispanico kicks off new season If you haven’t had a chance to see the Ballet Hispanico, make sure to put it on your list of to do’s.

Want To See The Future Of A Bicultural America? Look To The Border I’ve been saying this for decades! This article talks about millennial bi-culturalism, but on the border it’s a way of life. It’s been aroun...

Are Transnational Ties Good for Immigrants and America? This leans toward the academic, but makes a good case against nativist claims that immigrants’ close ties to their country of origin is bad ...

'It was like a horror movie' – the undocumented Latinos living in fear A fascinating story about how a 100 mile limit, a surge in border security spending and idle Border Patrol agents caused split families, broken dreams and affected the floral industry. A spotlight on some of the 2 million deported.

Why Mexican-American Studies Is 'Going To Spread Like Wildfire' In Texas Texas now has the "green light" to adopt Mexican-American texts. It could have the effect of opening the flood gates to classes across the state.

Confrontation In Arizona Between Mexican Soldiers, Border Patrol Confirmed This is interesting on many levels. It was an international incident (that we didn’t hear about until now); ICE agents and Mexican soldiers ...

Alabama school won't let Latino teen enroll, rights group says The interesting thing about this case is that the student in question is a minor, so most of his/her information is not available to the pub...

DOJ: Albuquerque Police Show 'Pattern Of Excessive Force' Albuqeurque PD "use deadly force too frequently against people who pose a minimal threat ... "

Mexican-American Studies in Texas: One Vote, Two Takes Not to nit-pick on the celebration, but, what exactly did the Texas SBOE approve concerning Mexican-American studies? Did they approve the classes, or just the books? Does it matter?

Remembering a Modest Cesar Chavez Anita Quintanilla was Cesar Chavez’s first female bodyguard, a fact I learned through a Facebook exchange during the recent days of the prem...

Report: More Mothers Stay Home Full Time In The U.S., Especially If Immigrants A timely report in light of the President's executive order on equal pay. Culture has a lot to do with it, but so does affordability of child care for underpaid or unemployed mothers.