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Victor Landa

Victor Landa

Immigration Reform 2014: President Obama Reportedly Considering Green Card Change Even though media attention has been on the Middle East and Ferguson, the immigration issue hasn’t gone away. It seems President Obama may take a step on immigration, to help industry fill it’s need for skilled workers.

Robert Rodriguez' heartfelt speech at SAAHJ - his motives, and Latinos in film A rarely seen glimpse of Robert Rodriguez' emotional side.

Two Ancient Maya Cities Unearthed In Mexican Jungle The cities have been named Lagunita and Tamchen. They could date back as far as 300 B.C.

Mexican Women’s Mitochondrial DNA Primarily Native American Science explains what many of us see when we look in a mirror.

NAHJ Condemns Washington Post for “Fajitas” SubHeadline A "Fajitas" reference because the new HUD Secretary's name is Castro?

Report: Latinos want environment-friendly candidates Latino support of environmental causes crosses political parties, gender and age.

Mayonesa Texana – Chipotle/Yerbaniz Mayonnaise Great to go with a summer afternoon bbq.

It's not just Ferguson: US cops are less diverse than the people they police “… nationwide it appears the Hispanic share of the population is about 50 percent bigger than the Hispanic share of local cops.”

Stop assigning schools by students' addresses Demography is catching up with education. Is it time for a change?

Surviving ‘La Bestia’ - A High School Freshman Recalls His Journey to the U.S. If more stories like this were told and made public many of the lies and misconceptions about the undocumented minor border crisis could be untold. This is a real story, about a real and perilous journey, with real motives and outcomes.

How Democrats Could Lose The Latino Vote Somehow, Latino politics and political party gains and losses are almost always tied to immigration

Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back To Honduras This story hasn’t gone away just because the media’s attention has changed.

What Latinos can learn from Ferguson Is there a difference between Ferguson today and Anaheim 2012?

‘A cemetery for our people’ A Guatemalan diplomat struggles to save her countrymen in south Texas and nearly loses herself. Part three of Beyond the Border, a four-part series from The Texas Observer and the Guardian.

African American media on the death of Michael Brown A point of view you won't read in mainstream media.

CANTINFLAS movie featurette I’m looking forward to this. Here’s something to whet your appetite.

Militarization of Police in America – what does it mean for the nation? Gabriela Lemus: "Our democracy is in peril. We are witnessing a local law enforcement running amok and instead of protecting the safety and civil liberties of the residents, it has been employing tactics that violate the rights of citizens."

Do Latinos care about Ferguson? Someone was bound to ask the question. Here’s an attempt at an answer: less than 1 in 5 Latinos (18%) are following the events in Ferguson closely. Latinos are less likely than whites to pay attention to what’s happening there. Does this surprise you?

What's wrong with the Police in Ferguson? Public officials at all levels need to reassess their sense of responsibility to those they are supposed to be serving.

High-level White House Discussions Underway with Big Businesses On Immigration - See more at: www.latinovations... While it’s good to see this happening, why did it take so long? Congress has been intransigent on immigration for years; immigration has been kicked around for just as long; nothing has been done …

NYT Farmer Headline Doesn't Anger Latino Farmers For struggling Latino farmers, a New York Times headline is the lest of their worries.

Why should Chicana films be included in Mexican American Studies? Here’s why, with a list of films to watch. Chicana Films Need to be Included in Mexican American Studies Curricula

Chicana Films Need to be Included in Mexican American Studies Curricula Why should Chicana films be included in Mexican American Studies? Here’s why, with a list of films to watch.

Singer Linda Ronstadt talks Tucson, Mexico and border fence Not long after being awarded the National Medal of Arts and Humanities at a White House ceremony, Linda Ronstadt sat for an interview about life in Arizona and border issues. She says she’s a girl from the Sonoran desert, and her culture is the culture of Aztlán.

‘Hunting Humans’ Brings the Fringe to the Center So much to take in: “I’m reminded of the image of a group of Texas Rangers mounted on horseback, the ends of their rope tied around the ankles of three ‘Mexican bandits’ laying face down on the ground. Prized game. The image, captured near Brooks County a little over a century ago ... then as now, the concept of border security was woven from the dark thread of race.”