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Check out this audio clip from Terry Gross' interview with Sandeep Jauhar. Doctors are human and it is often difficult for us to “let go” of patients we have become attached to. Just as well meaning family members can cause prolonged suffering by insisting that “everything be done” at end of life, so can well meaning physicians.

Rescuing My Grandmothers -- A doctor discovers the value of palliative care

Rescuing My Grandmothers

End of Life: Burdensome transitions - YouTube Moving elderly patients back and forth from hospital to nursing home results in poor outcomes and is usually inconsistent with the patient's goals. Unfortunately, the financial incentives are set up to encourage just that.

"Lessons for the Living" reveals a unique subculture of hospice volunteers as they reflect on their experiences with the dying and their new-found philosophies of life and death... As the baby boomer generation enters its senior years, this film offers a timely look at what it means to face mortality.

Part Four: What to Expect with Hospice. This video explains some of the things hospice will offer and how it works.

End-of-life conversation -- the most interesting part of this is what NOT to say to someone who is dying.

Death and Dying: What To Say To Someone Who Is Dying | eFuneral

April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

Singapore Hospice Council Care Awareness: Six month

With so much focus on giving care, how do family and professional caregivers overcome the obstacles of helping those in need who are not happy and grateful about it

The differences between hospice and palliative care -- this isn't perfect but we need good ways of explaining the difference between hospice and palliative care.

House Calls Are Making a Comeback It's wonderful to see good, interdisciplinary palliative care increasingly move our of the hospital and into the community. Honoring patient/family goals and wishes while reducing health care costs is a "win-win."

waiting for my meds to kick in... Controlling pain is an important part of all palliative care. It's easier to keep bad pain away than it is to control it once it gets severe.

There are different ways to grieve. This is the 100th post card written to Josh after his death. He loved adventure and travel. His friends and family keep close in spirit by sending him postcards from everywhere. It's a moving blog.

Smile! You've got cancer | Barbara Ehrenreich There is a lot of pressure on those with life threatening illness to have a positive attitude. But is that really helping them or just making it easier for those around them? This is a very interesting essay.

'We Sweat, Crave, and Itch All Day': Why Writing About Bodies Is Vital - Atlantic Mobile. -- language often fails us when we want to describe pain/suffering. And, "the nation of the well" are often not interested in reading the laments of "the nation of the wounded."

November is National Hospice Month which recognizes the dignity hospice provides for patients and the people who are dedicated to serving hospice patients. #hospicemonth

Hospice - Elizabeth Hospice