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Palliative Care

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Probably the best way to learn how to facilitate a family meeting is to watch a master at work, then practice with follow-up debriefing/critiques by team members who are present. However, understanding the basics before you start helps the process make sense. This is a great video on family conference fundamentals. See it on thepalliator@tumb... or at VITALtalk-Family-Conference Fine-Cut-v09

The name "Palliative Care," is still a mystery to post people. There have been many efforts to describe the work of palliative care in ways that don't frighten people away. This video does a pretty good job.

Regardless of how you feel about "right to die" legislation, those of us involved in end of life care should view this YouTube video now going viral. Brittany Maynard is a bright, articulate 29 y/o with an aggressive glioblastoma. She has moved to Oregon to have access to "death with dignity." She is telling her compelling story in a way that appears to be stimulating quite a conversation.

Great piece on palliative care from The Atlantic

A Better Way to Die

Designing A Better Death Integrating death and dying into our communities (instead of isolating it) and acknowledging it as an important part of life is a worthwhile goal. "Design" of systems, spaces, and places can facilitate is change.

Designing A Better Death

Endoflif Care, Careerlif Callingministri, Providence Endoflif

Providing End-of-Life Care to Homeless People

Keri Emerton with her horse Shannon before passing away.

Capturing the value of palliative care

How to capture the value of palliative care

Parsing Palliative Care and the Patient Experience Infographic

Parsing Palliative Care and the Patient Experience Infographic

What you need to know before you go into the hospital: you have the right to effective pain management and palliative care! Find out about palliative care and take this quiz to see if it's right for you and your situation.

NICHE Program » Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders

Palliative Care: Bringing Comfort to Pain and Passage

Check out this audio clip from Terry Gross' interview with Sandeep Jauhar. Doctors are human and it is often difficult for us to “let go” of patients we have become attached to. Just as well meaning family members can cause prolonged suffering by insisting that “everything be done” at end of life, so can well meaning physicians.

Rescuing My Grandmothers -- A doctor discovers the value of palliative care

Rescuing My Grandmothers

Campaign for Nursing's Future - Hospice Nurses - YouTube Thank you Johnson&Johnson for this nice tribute to hospcie nurses

End of Life: Burdensome transitions - YouTube Moving elderly patients back and forth from hospital to nursing home results in poor outcomes and is usually inconsistent with the patient's goals. Unfortunately, the financial incentives are set up to encourage just that.

"Lessons for the Living" reveals a unique subculture of hospice volunteers as they reflect on their experiences with the dying and their new-found philosophies of life and death... As the baby boomer generation enters its senior years, this film offers a timely look at what it means to face mortality.

Part Four: What to Expect with Hospice. This video explains some of the things hospice will offer and how it works.

Hospice Care

End-of-life conversation -- the most interesting part of this is what NOT to say to someone who is dying.

Death and Dying: What To Say To Someone Who Is Dying | eFuneral

April 16 is National Healthcare Decisions Day.

Singapore Hospice Council Care Awareness: Six month

Audrey Hepburn spent many years in Africa helping the helpless. Fashion passes in a wink, compassion lasts forever.