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Casey Waites

Casey Waites

Mother of three wonderful boys who keep me on my toes!!

"Always late but worth the wait." by withlove23x on Polyvore

Close-up! Omg I love supernatural cast!!!! They r so funny!

matt smith and nathan fillion. what the hell is happening here? oh, it doesn't matter. I love geeky stars.

Normann Copenhagen Whisky Glasses

This scene cracked me up. And I could picture Crowley rolling his eyes. :)

The flu is a virus! via medicineandsocialjustice: 1) Taking antibiotics for a virus won’t make you less sick or shorten the course of your illness, 2) Taking antibiotics won’t prevent you from transmitting a viral illness, and 3) Taking antibiotics for a viral illness increases the risk of superinfections, drug reactions, and the development bacteria that are resistant to common antibiotics, which you can spread... #Illustration #Cartoon #Batman #Virus #Antibiotics #Healthy

  • Sandy Wood

    Isn't it wonderful to live in America. We can all have and express opinions - (most of the time) without getting in trouble.

  • Krista Stockman

    My parents always taught me that you should only take medicine when your body can't take care of the problem itself. Honey, hot tea, a million blankets, and sleep have cured my ailments many a time.

  • Lauren Perry

    I'd say your parents got it right. (And probably saved themselves, and you, a fair amount of money in the long run!)

  • Kristy Goggins

    I hate taking medicine and I hate going to the Dr. I never understood people who want a pill for everything. Let your body fight it off unless it absolutely can't.

  • Kristy Goggins

    P.S. I've never gotten the flu shot and I've never had the flu...Amazing!

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Ladybug Party Ideas | Handwritten Plate with Polka Dot Ribbon | Ladybug Birthday

Introduce your children to vegetable juice at a young age! You will be surprised at how much they love it! If you look closely you can see this 2 year-old is sporting a juice stache! So cute!

How-To: Primp Your Phone! This post takes you step-by-step and makes the process so fun & easy to understand! Must-pin for anyone who wants to cute-ify their phones!!

.so true...bookshelves in every room!

A lovely bookshelf on the wall