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  • 15 Pins

The Nightmare after Christmas bento

ハロウィンのお弁当 by akinoichigoさん | レシピブログ - 料理ブログのレシピ満載!

Fun with food: Cool plates turn mom into Instagram star. Rice, cheese and seaweed helped create this Batman.

コリラックマカレー, korilakkuma curry - how darling!

pretty bear bento

Gladee Rice Ball for Bento (Kanikama Surimi Fish, Slice Cheese, Peanut Butter, Mayonnaise, Nori)|キャラ弁

Lovely Mom Onigiri Rice Ball Bento Lunch|キャラ弁

by Sushiqueen

Curry Bath, So Fun!


Love the pink hued rice at work in this darling lamb bento lunch. #pink #lamb #bento #Japanese #Japan #lunch #cute #food #kawaii


Japanese Fun Food photo 1

Japanese Fun Food photo 3

Japanese Fun Food photo 5

FUN FOOD - food Photo