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WHAT'S THAT LOOK ON YOUR FACE? All About Faces and Feelings - This strikingly illustrated book helps young readers link faces to feelings by presenting situations they can all relate to. Each page spread is devoted to a feeling expressed through an exaggerated facial expression accompanied by a short poem that further elaborates on the expression to reinforce its meaning.

What's That LOOK On Your Face?

Sesame Street: Jealous (Word on the Street Podcast)

Build-a-Face Story Stones for Teaching Emotions to Kids! A fun learning activity from Where Imagination Grows

Exploring Emotions With LEGO Faces - 3rd -6th Grade Set Homeschool Encouragement

Exploring Emotions with LEGO faces - free LEGO printables Homeschool Encouragement

The Feelings Clock Bulletin Board Set will help children express how they are feeling at any given moment. Instead of choosing a time of day, children will turn the attachable hand of this large clock to point at the emotions they are feeling. The clock can be programmed with any of the possible emotion icons. The set includes a large clock face with six programmable spaces, a variety of emotion icons, a choice of clock hands, and a header. The set includes 2 clock faces with six ...

Feelings Clock Bulletin Board Set

A Key Education early learning game that is a new twist on a long beloved game of dominoes: Emotion-oes. Instead of matching numbers, players will match emotion icons with same or matching name pieces. The pieces are larger than the standard domino to make them easier to grasp by young children or those with disabilities. This fun game with kid-friendly and colorful art will help children recognize and identify emotions. Perfect classroom activity for early learners or special education ...

Emotion-oes Board Game

Felt Emotions Chart by BlueUmbrellaDesigns on Etsy, $15.00

Download a FREE feelings chart from Self Help Warehouse www.selfhelpwareh...

MONKEY EXPRESSIONS - ACTIVITY GAME (PreK & K - Ages 2.5 -5) Designed as a discovery tool with a creative twist, this activity game helps children identify and express five basic emotions - happy, sad, angry, surprise and fear. Encourage children to copy the expression of the monkey and view themselves in a mirror.

Monkey EXPRESSIONS - Activity Game

Teaching Toddlers Emotions

Teaching Toddlers Emotions

Here is a fun, flexible card activity to use with kids who are working on emotional awareness and emotional problem solving. There are 44 Emotion Word Cards and 48 Question Cards. Free download.

How to Build a Feelings Vocabulary | Parenting 360

How to Build a Feelings Vocabulary | Parenting 360

Mixed Emotions Junior: An Activity for Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Golden Path Games.

Zones of Regulation/Emotional Regulation Activities

Zones of Regulation/Emotional Regulation Activities

Smarty - April Teaching Emotions Booklet

Free printable emotion flash cards.

hopes and dreams: Busy Bubbers: emotion flash cards

Feelings Memory Game

Child Therapy Toys - Feelings Memory Game