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Another way to make worry dolls

The Other Side of the Spanish Classroom: Activities

Making Worry Dolls with the CWCC | For my intervention with Cambodia Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC), I chose to introduce “Worry Yarn Wrap Dolls” with the staff and clients. Symptoms of trauma often include feelings of guilt, shame, self-blame, anxiety, and/or fear. The intention of this art directive was to help the participants to identify these concerns and disconnect from their issues or worries, allowing for “emotional energy” to be freed up.

In Guatemala, kids tell their troubles to worry dolls- tiny figures that they tuck under their pillows at night. Take this tradition worldwide with a multicultural collection of clothespin dolls.

Worry Dolls | Crafts | Spoonful

DIY worry dolls

DIY :) 걱정인형 만들기 / A4용지와 색실로 만드는 걱정인형 / 간단한 인형만들기