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above ground pool ideas

Pinner said: Each week I add 2 lbs of Baking Soda to the water in our above ground pool (our pool is 10,000 gallons,) in addition to the normal chemicals. I am impressed by how clear and sparkly the water is after the addition of baking soda! Really, there is a visible difference. Baking Soda also makes the water less irritating to the eyes by balancing the PH level.

Pinner said: 8 Bar Tranquility Towel Rack - It stands approximately 50.5" tall, is approximately 37" wide and 46.5" deep. Holds tons of wet towels & bathing suits without snagging them like the fence or deck rail you use now and will last for years. This is an awesome DIY for dads or for DIY lovers.

Scamper ramp to help animals get out of pool if they fall in