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Clicker Dog Training

Clicker training is a reliable fun way to train animals. It is scientific proven and used in zoo's and at Sea World around the World. I only use clicker training and progressive reinforcement. NO FORCE and NO CORRECTIONS! Pam's Dog Training Pam's Dog Academy Pamela Johnson San Diego Ca.

The fastest gun draw clicker timing game...

Using Capturing to train dog tricks...

Use Jackpots when training your dog...

Use Rapid fire rewards to increase duration and build a stronger behavior.

Treat Toss Game to improve your accuracy when tossing treats to your dog after clicking.

FREE #Dog Training Videos List! Organized to make it easy for you to find the right video #tutorial.

FREE Video List | Pam's Dog Training

Canine Freestyle Video Titles are now offered through Pam's Dog Academy. Fun & Easy to enter... $15 per event...

Pam's Dog Academy has DVDs and Ebooks for sale. Check it out!

Disc Dog Video Tiles, for those of you that have reactive dogs or don't have events close to home. Earn title by video taping your routine & submitting it. Fun, Easy, and only $15 per event.

Online DOG Training Classes: Clicker Basics and Canine Freestyle - 4 weeks for $40. You can be from any time zone and still take these classes...

Pink Dotted Curtain Rod! These would make GREAT dog training target sticks & CUTE!

Dotty Finial & Hardware

FitPAWS are a great for balance work and to help strengthen stabilizing muscle groups. They are also fun to use as a learning game. Stella and Chewy's have really healthy treats and dinners. They are easy to use for training. :)