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Pamela Zarate

Pamela Zarate

Co-founder of Knitworthy Boutique, ultimate crafter, recreational gardener, DIYer, and home cook constantly seeking new inspiration.

CRPS/ RSD/ Chronic Illness

Tell me you hope I'm 'feeling better' once more & I'll rip your eyes out. Incurable chronic illness doesn't get 'better,' ASSHOLE. #CRPS

I may look healthy on the outside, but I take some seriously unhealthy drugs to be normal. #CRPS

#CRPS I never realized how much I took for granted...Until every little task became painful to do because of chronic pain.

#CRPS- Never take your health for granted. Things can change very quickly.

We sometimes just like to appease people with the "I'm Fine" line #CRPS


.LOL this is for all the family members that believe "they" know chronic pain illness is curable or not real #CRPS