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Taiwanese Food

These are the things that I have warm memories of from my childhood. I'm learning to make them as quickly as I can!

Homemade jiao zi wrapper recipe #scratch #chinese #dumplings

Tiny Urban Kitchen: Homemade Chinese Dumplings (jiao zi)

HOT & SOUR SOUP: How I remember having hot and sour soup with the proper ingredients (just leave out the carrot and water chestnuts). #shitaake mushroom #bamboo #pork #scallions #tofu

Mochi (Peanut Coconut Filling) 麻糬 - The kind that Hong Kong Low in LA's Chinatown used to make before they closed up shop.

Jian Dui 煎堆 - Sesame seed ball filled with red bean paste -- my childhood Chinese bakery favorite.

Kong xin cai. Quite easily one of my favorite Chinese vegetables. #hollow heart vegetable #water spinach

Spicy Szechuan cucumber salad that I learned from my mom. It's a little sweet, a little spicy, and always refreshing.

Bak Chang / Zongzi that I made with my ma this weekend. Sticky rice with chinese pork, lap cheong, spiced egg, shitaake mushroom, and shrimp in the center.

Crispy Chinese Roast Pork Belly (Siew Yoke) - OMG... talk about a total guilty pleasure! Such flavorful meat, and so good all by itself! I found some today at a Chinese bakery in Fresno that tasted like the best roast pork I've had in Chinatown. Yum!

Boba -- One of the most refreshing drinks I have EVER had is the honey chrysanthemum boba tea from Ten Ren in the heart of LA's Chinatown. It is a must-have splurge whenever I go.

Chinese Rice Dumpling, Zong Zi, Bak Chang -- This is happening at my house VERY soon. My mom is teaching me how to make them and I am writing EVERYTHING down. I can't wait!

Indochine Kitchen » Chinese Rice Dumpling, Zong Zi

Five Spice Chinese Pork Stew -- This is one of the newest things that I've been cooking in my kitchen the last couple of months. My mom's recipe is with pork, whole eggs, marinated beancurd, and sponges. It was never eaten as a soup but eaten over white rice.

Nian gao is a special treat that my mom would make just because -- not just for Chinese New Year.