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epic Ninja Turtle tattoo, My late Brother had a Mutant Ninja Turtle tat on his calf of his leg in honor of his late Son .May they Both RIP. I love and miss you everyday.

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I don't think the tears will ever stop, and I know that I will miss you everyday, our talks, the laughs, your sense of humor.You are in my Heart Tony.

RIP Tony,I miss and love you ALWAYS!

Letting go can be very hard. I'm still learning. RIP My Dear Brother, I will always keep you in my heart. I Miss you so much, :(

If my tears could speak, this is what they would say. Missing my little brother.

I put this on here bc I just loved to watch while watching this together. He would cracked me up by saying"OMG HOW DO STAND THIS!!".

The ol' banana in the tailpipe gag. Gets 'em every time.Classic!

"Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! Vamanos!"

A Country Boy Can Survive, One of my Brother's top 5 favorites, and my ring tonr for him when called me everyday. I will miss til the day I die. :(

No. 16: Hank Williams, Jr., ‘A Country Boy Can Survive’ – Top 100 Country Songs

I know he did this once and loved it.