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The Lego Birthday Party invites I made for my son's 10th birthday party

  • Pam Milewski

    I went with a 10 already built but you could also change it and include a mini figure to build or some small thing they build and just put loose pieces and instructions in it. I live close to a lego store where they sell individual pieces by all you can fit into a medium or large lidded cup for a set price.


    where did you get the containers???

Lego Birthday party builder's passes for the kids to wear

Lego Birthday Party building station before kids got the small yellow bins were wheels axles steering wheels etc to be sure everyone had those parts

Lego Birthday Party building station set up

My son wanted me to use his Lego creations on his birthday cake

We built a race track for them to race the lego racers they built during the Lego birthday party

Lego Brithday Party Drink Food Station decor

Lego Birthday Party Tablescape...went with a constructing a party theme

The Lego birthday party invitation that I made for my son's 10th birthday party. The kids invited loved them and everyone invited came.

Lego table made from Ikea pieces

Cute shirt. Of course I find this how to after I ordered a shirt from Etsy but in the interest of time, my time, and the fact his birthday comes days after all the holiday hooplah :), still glad someone else is making his shirt! But I think I will be making this just because!

Smart use of a Lego Store Shopping bag! Now why didn't I think to save any of mine for this!

Would make a cute gift to a lego lover, like my lego lover.

On etsy. But I kinda know I can make my own :)

  • Pam Milewski

    I ended up buying this one due to having a full load. I did find a template but I have to say, I loved this one. So did my son. It is a nice shirt and was well done. I would buy from her again. She did a rush job even!