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Oregon Country Fair 2009 lady by hypermellow12, via Flickr

Afrikaans cabaret artist and chef Elsabe Zietsman.

Pianist Martha Argerich.

Amy Hempel, photographed by Vicki Topaz: Writer, animal rights advocate, and co-founder of The Deja Foundation (b. 1951) "A wise friend told me that your fifties can be the time you discover what freedom means for you. And she was right."

PHOTOS: Why Silver Is The New Black

JoAnna Powell, photograph © Chester Higgins

"Brightsky" -- photograph © Chester Higgins

Model Ingmari Lamy -- first modelling career in the '60s and '70's, second starting in the '90s :-)

Anthea Butler is Associate Professor of Religious Studies and Graduate Chair in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

"Our culture is fearful of ageing," said Franklin, "and especially ageing women. I say, 'Stop apologising for getting older. Embrace it.' I want young women to see that beauty ages beautifully and there is no need to feel that getting older is something that has to be medicated, managed with surgery or be obsessed about."

Great cut, great specs.

From Brent G Hair in Gabriola, BC

"I find hair interesting . Once you decide to let it do what it really wants to do your life is infinitely easier."

No attribution or source link for this pic, but I do like the braids.

Pet Peeves: Pet Peeve #7: Grown men with gray hair and braids.

No source or attribution as is typical of Tumblr, but this stunning hair and styling deserves to be celebrated.

Nichelle Nichols -- or as most of us remember her, Lt Uhura of the starship Enterprise. Stunning!

Beautiful Gray Hair
  • Chante

    I want to look that good when I'm in my later years!!

Actress Ruby Dee. Lurrve that purple!

Ruby Dee - Grey hairstyles