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Bamboo Ladybug Feeder. Just hang this natural bamboo feeder, bait it by adding a few raisins and they will come. It provides them a structural habitat to live on and the raisins provide food after they've cleared the garden of nasty pests. Much better and simpler solution than spraying toxic chemicals all around your home and garden.

This DIY birdhouse project incorporates the green roof concept, helping to keep the birds inside cooler in the summer heat.

Stylish DIY Birdhouse Designs

Miniature Fairy Gardens are very popular these days, but have you ever considered creating a full-size version in a corner of your yard? Lots of fun for kids, grandkids, and the kid-at-heart! via Better Homes & Gardens

Provide shaded shelter during the day for toads and frogs and in return he will dine all night on insects in your garden! Get the plans for these toad houses at The Winfield Collection

DIY bat house. Made from an old dresser drawer.

How to make a bat box - Projects: Wildlife gardening -

DIY bat house. I need one, why?

Easy DIY bat house (energy effcient insect repellent) :)

Hmmm... Interesting. Keyhole Garden. 2 of these can feed a family of 10 all year round & use as little as a gallon of water a day, it's an awesome concept. A keyhole garden is the ultimate raised-bed planter. It is built in the shape of a circle about 6 ft. in diameter that stands waist-high & with a slice cut away. A hole in the center holds a composting basket that moistens & nourishes soil. The garden, can be built with recycled materials & requires less water than a conventional garden...

cold water flower infusions

cold water infusion | Girl Gone Wild and Weedy

cold water infusion | Girl Gone Wild and Weedy

A trash can lid was used as a concrete form for the base of this birdbath. (The middle indentation comes from the top of a water cooler that was pressed into the wet concrete.) Broken pieces of colored glass and pottery create a decorative mosaic effect along the edges.

Broken china mosaic art chair by Laura Beth Love to be auctioned off for benefit. - I love mosaics, and have been contemplating doing something like this with two old end tables. Her chair (saw this on Dishfunctional Designs facebook) came out so beautiful!

Stained Glass Garden Art Projects - Bing Images

Stained Glass Garden Art Projects - Bing Images