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Zoe Williams

Zoe Williams

I love to write and create new worlds through my writing. I'm very artsy, sarcastic, and loves horror and zombie movies and shows

Tfios facts...AWWW ♥ this just made it way better!

'The Walking Dead' season 5, episodes 1-5 spoilers. WARNING its in Spanish (I think)

Here are some funny and weird text messages from Disney princesses to their princes.


Funny and Relatable!

Michonne - The Walking Dead

HAHA! This is so me. Someone will have to carry me out of the theater... It's that serious! :-P

When he decides that their “thing” will be saying, “okay”. | 12 Times Augustus Waters Made You Go Aww During The Fault In Our Stars Movie

steampunk - I have to admit that I kind of love the steampunk look

Steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay - not always a fan of "steampunk ALL the things!" but this is really well done.

John Green, I love you.

okay now the plaid with the boots is making me much more excited for fall as i was sad about packing away the sandals and wedges last night :(

i love this draping of tapestries haven't seen something like this before... could fit so many more tapestries!

Weird I've actually drawn this on my wrist like 15 times! ~L

The Fault in Our Stars Movie quote... "fell in love the way you fall asleep... slowly, and then all at once."

I've never seen The Walking Dead, but I love that video. "My stomach was making the rumblies, that only hands could satisfy."