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June 8, 2012

Carrie Underwood

Love that they are cushioned! super adorable in lace! Look easy to fit in a purse for when heels start to hurt. plus they are $6 ...whoa! I like these.

Tie Ties, Mike always does Jack's...I think its time I learned how to do it too :)

Solve the Wedding Day Distasters.

20 Details Every Bride Forgets... Hanger for dress, reserved seating, pack phone charger, pack wedding night bag, change last name, bring cash for tips, get a passport, write thank-you speech, assign someone to gifts, arrange transportation, someone to hold onto your dress, an emergency day-of kit, eat dinner + cake, feed bridal party morning of, "just married" sign, give gifts to bridal party, bring cake cutter, something old/new/borrowed/blue, an itinerary, enjoy the day!

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