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Preschool Christmas Party Craft Ideas

-Black construction paper -Tissue paper -Snowflake-shaped cookie cutter -2 pieces of clear contact paper How to Do It: Trace around the snowflake cookie cutters on the black construction paper. Cut the shapes out of the paper. Take the black paper and place on top of a piece of contact paper, sticky-side up. Press into place. Sprinkle the tissue paper pieces over the sticky snowflakes. Place contact paper, sticky-side down, over the artwork. Press into place and hang in the window.

Draw a snowman or other shape on cardboard. Teach kids how to use glue to trace the shape of the objects. They use yarn, buttons, etc. to decorate the shape.

All you need is googly eyes, brown construction paper and pipe cleaners, red glitter glue and craft glue. 1. Cover the top of the box with a small piece with a hole punched out for the straw 2. Glue antlers to the back 3. Wrap the paper around and glue on the back 4. Stick eyes near the top 5. Make a nose with the red glitter glue 6. Draw on a mouth with a sharpie. Give 24 hours to dry, these ...

Preschool Playbook: The Three's Are Off to Christmas

Preschool Playbook: The Three's Are Off to Christmas

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Preschool Christmas ornament