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give us your oPINion

Tell us which of our calendar designs you loved the most. Vote by clicking the heart to "like" two of your favorite pins. Then tell us what you'd like to see in our new designs!

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Visit our "give us your oPINion" board to vote. Then, tell us what you'd like to see in future calendar designs by commenting below.

  • Lindsay Lowry

    i love the current, random designs format, and would love to see that continue. I do like the idea of doing a few spin-offs of popular designs. I like the ideas of typography, each month's in-season veggies, nautical/stylized marine (including whales, octopi, boats, anchors & mermaids) ... and i don't think that we need a coupon for commenting. we comment because we love your products and love that you want our input. not because we need to be bribed. if we needed to be bribed, we wouldn't have commented without it! :)

  • Susan Magnuson

    This is valuable marketing information that is being obtained and I agree that it is nice that they are asking for our opinions, but in the end the happier the customer, the bigger the bottom line for Paper Source. I have a choice as to whether to take my time or not and since my time is valuable, I may choose not to participate in the future. There are many other websites who do offer incentives to their customers for similar input.

  • Carla Gray

    Something a flip book

  • Priscilla Vasquez

    I would love...and buy... a floral calendar. Different flowers for each month.

  • Jared Fox

    Vintage toys, tigers or the superhero print that is available in the store.

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