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The Archival Imaginary

RIPLEY: I have a pretty good Idea of where it is. It's just down there. In the Basement. AARON: This whole PLACE is a basement. RIPLEY: It's a metaphor. — Archives and records: inevitably in the basement, always metaphorical. And sometimes sporting all those sets of teeth as well ...

Build me a city: an exploration of the archives of the Architecture Museum, UniSA by seven artists (Catalogue). "A collaboration between the Architecture Museum, School of Art, Architecture and Design, UniSA, the Australian Experimental Art Foundation, curator Vivonne Thwaites with Christine Garnaut, Julie Collins and writer Ruth Fazakerley."

Dallas County Clerk John Warren blames the clutter in Records Building Room 333 on abstractors who have used the room for decades to access and copy land and court records. But abstractors say the county has essentially ignored the room and allowed years worth of abandoned equipment, clutter and trash to pile up. (David Woo/Staff Photographer)

Community Joods Monument - Jewish Monument Community

Leipzig/Adressbuch 1949 – GenWiki

Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse's haunting now/wwII photomontage series

Valerie Ruth of Hampshire and Carolyn Gathman of Plato Township look through Gathman’s album of black-and-white photos of her family’s farm in the 1940s and 1950s. Both participated in “Digital Donation Day” on Saturday at Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District.

Matt Mueller scans documents at the Kane County Information Technology Department at the Kane County Government Center in Geneva. The documents will then be archived as a digital file.

jesikah maria ross, far left, Shipley Walters, Analu Josephides and Supervisor Don Saylor stand by a stack of historical records being resubmitted to the Yolo County Archives in Woodland on Wednesday.

Without a trace: Policies of unaccountability [blog article by Cassie Findlay] "...Repressive regimes are good at recordkeeping. Repression requires administration. Witness Nazi Germany, the Stasi, the Khmer Rouge. So how to characterise the absence or subversion of recordkeeping seen in the policies of subsequent US Administrations in the detention of ‘terror suspects’ in Guantanamo Bay?..." —From Recordkeeping Roundtable recordkeeping and archives discussion group.

"An educational web resource from the John Curtin Prime Ministerial Library (Author: Ann Pederson) •Have you ever thought of records as the glue that holds a society together? •[E]xplore this website and discover why records and recordkeeping are so important. •[A]n OVERVIEW of records and recordkeeping past and present. •[H]ow records provide EVIDENCE of our lives and document our culture. •[R]ecords...can empower JUSTICE and help to ensure a fair society. —[via the Cardigan Continuum]

Photographs taken during the Siege of Leningrad superimposed on contemporary photos of the same locations (by Sergei Larenkov). —[From English Russia, via The Long Now]

Digitising your collection – Part 1: Project Planning This is the first in a series of posts on starting a digitisation program. In the series we’ll be talking about: project planning; technical specifications; handling the archives; scanning tips; file storage, and; metadata and access.

Be Nice to Archivists!

Privilegio rodado El privilegio es una ventaja concedida a una persona o corporación sobre la ley común de que disfrutan los demás o también, gracia o prerrogativa, que concede el superior, exceptuando o libertando a alguien de una carga o gravamen concediéndole una excepción que no gozan otras personas. Los antiguos reyes de España tenían para sí muchos privilegios y sólo ellos podían otorgarlos a los demás, además de las firmas reales llevaba la del alférez mayor de Castilla.

prueba AUSA

Robert Spindler, archivist and curator for the Arizona Collection at ASU Libraries, displays some recordings former Arizona Gov. Howard Pyle made as a radio broadcaster. In time for Veterans Day, ASU has made available online many of the messages home Pyle recorded for Arizonans serving in World War II. (Cronkite News Service Photo by Corbin Carson)

when benedict arnold swore to be true

The iconic Old Library in Trinity College Dublin, which houses the Manuscripts and Archives Research Library, celebrates its 300th birthday this year.

archivo general de indias

LIVE HISTORY PROJECT: meetings with specialists in Archivistic area. It proposes practical actions and theoretical discussions about IEB and USP collections. We aim, based on new theories, develop together a new daily work practice. [Tamanho original]

The collection has an estimated 30,000 books and 25,000 posters, photographs, and other ephemera assembled by Colombian businessman Julio Mario Santo Domingo Jr.

Archivists protect engineering records that can help diagnose issues with construction as with this collection from the Bay Bridge in San Francisco

On Wikipedia, Cultural Patrimony, and Historiography. The fantasy of a full archival record hits reality? A single in-depth Wikipedia article (on the Gulf War), including all edits, prints out as a 12-volume book: "12,000 changes and almost 7,000 pages. ... It contains arguments over numbers, differences of opinion on relevance and political standpoints, and frequent moments when someone erases the whole thing and just writes "Saddam Hussein was a dickhead". ..." —From

Thoughts on being an archivist, cataloguing, and ISAD(G) —"... Of course we theorise: we discuss what to acquire and (just as significantly) what to leave behind, and we agonise over whether our acquisition policy and catalogue descriptions can ever be neutral and free of bias. ... But our basic principles are rooted in pragmatism. ..." —[from Wellcome LIbrary, via @nicoleschu on Twitter]

Building the Future of Archival Education and Research: an initiative of the Center for Information as Evidence, UCLA. —"A collaborative effort amongst eight U.S. academic institutions to stimulate the growth of a new generation of academics in archival education who are versed in contemporary issues and knowledgeable of the work being conducted by colleagues."