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If you don't want kids this might be a good read. If you don't understand your friend or family member who does not want kids, can't have kids or whatever this might be a good read. This post is not an attack on people who have kids. It's an affirmation for those that don't want to. You are not alone...though sometimes it can feel that way!

My English teacher in high school labeled me with this word constantly! She was, indeed, very perceptive.

Beautiful Elegant Apartment of Big Apple: Minimalist Exercise Room Apartment Decor Ideas ~ Apartments Inspiration

Life is for deep kisses, adventures, midnight swims, and rambling conversations

Childless couples are the new fulfillment...

Trace a face from a photo or magazine onto acetate. Paint or collage colors underneath for a new/abstract face.

The Hot Tub Boat » Not sure which one is being reused (the boat or the hot tub), but this is cool nonetheless!

Ganesha Painting by BeesCuriosityShoppe on Etsy, $995.00

Your Favorite Lyrics Guitar PickPerfect Gift for by Namedrops, $27.00

Family is not about blood