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Family Fun

Consider this your family fun center. Score craft ideas, games, and children’s books to keep kids entertained from morning ‘til night.

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Family Fun

  • 180 Pins

Can't get your family to play nice together? Host a weekly competition to vie for a trophy. The winner gets to exhibit the prize in their room for the week!

Get Your Family to Play Together
  • My Chilrd Can Learn

    "Hey, I really like your board. Can I participate? Please, send me an invitation! Thank you so much!"

Make memories without breaking the bank! These low- or no-cost family activities will please kids of all ages.

15 Frugal Fall Family Activities | The Thrifty Frugal Mom

By flashlight or daylight, @FamilyFun magazine's supercool tool for learning about constellations will turn your kid into a starry night-sky whiz.

A Cool Idea for Learning About Constellations

Host a picnic any day of the year by ordering a pizza and spreading out a blanket on the living room floor!

Free Family Fun!

When you camp outdoors, you have to contend with bad weather and hungry bugs. Pitch a tent in your family room for the same vacation experience minus the stress!

Free Family Fun!

Host a family film fest and broadcast one of these flicks—our top 50 BEST #movies for kids!

The 50 Best Movies for Kids

This durable, waterproof tent allows your child to take a trip to an African safari without stepping foot outside of your backyard! Click above to buy one for your pint-sized adventurer.

Enjoy the colors and flavors of autumn with these kid-friendly #fall activities!

Fun Fall Activities

Who says TV can't be a learning experience? We've found 8 family #movies—beloved classics and newer additions—that can teach your child life lessons.

Family Movies With a Message

Leave a soap note like "Hello, beautiful!" to wake your child up with a :).

The Art of Mischief: 6 Ways to Make Your House More Fun

No need to pay to play! Download our #free designs to build a coloring book for $0.

Create Your Own Coloring Book: 9 Fun Coloring Pages!

#Yoga can help kids relax and may also be a helpful treatment for asthma, autism, and more. Find out why this may be the best #fitness activity for your family.

Why Your Child Should Be Doing Yoga

#Nature hits home for kids when you craft a bug habitat from an empty, clean plastic bottle, screen material, tape, and velcro.

Plastic Bottle Bug House: FamilyFun Test Drive | Everyday Fun

Teach your kids how to play "Asteroid," a new backyard ball game, so they can practice teamwork skills.

Let's Play Ball

Get your kids active and outside with this giggle-inducing ball game. The goal: To get as many of the balls as possible on the other team's side of the yard before the round is over.

Let's Play Ball

It's amazing how long this simple "Beach Ball Boogie" challenge can keep kids entertained.

Let's Play Ball

Batter up! Introduce your kids to a backyard version of cricket, a classic game enjoyed around the world.

Let's Play Ball

Stack empty cans in two towers and try to shoot a ball between without knocking any over! This "Driveway Arcade" game is a fun outdoor take on bowling that helps kids practice hand-eye coordination.

Let's Play Ball

Fun with science! Can your child create a seat belt to protect an egg strapped onto a pinewood derby car? Try this neat experiment in your driveway!

6 tricks to make your backyard a blast.

Make Your Yard Fun for Kids

Don't let your little ones zone out in front of the TV. Keep them active all summer with these fun ideas! #FitFam14

15 Family Summer Fitness Ideas | To The Max

Is it OK to relax the rules a bit during summer? Parents contributor Rosie Pope offers smart advice to make your season fun. Click for more ideas!

Your Great Ideas for Summer Fun

Turn your kiddie pool into an impromptu art lab, then use the masterpieces to wrap presents!

Amazing Outdoor Art Projects

Ready for some retro family fun this summer? Hang a tire swing! This safe Pony Pal model, crafted from recycled materials, is made for your little cowgirl or cowboy. Click above to buy one.

Pony Pony Pal Tire Swing from Hayneedle | Shop

Here's a unique way to beat the summer heat! With just a couple of basic parts from the hardware store, you can transform a 2-liter bottle into a fountain that produces a super-misty spray

Cool Off! Beat-the-Heat Backyard Treats and Activities