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Boost the flavor and color of traditional #hummus by mixing in sweet potato!

Quick and Easy Kid Snacks

It takes less than 5 minutes to blend up this Berry Cool #smoothie!

Yum! A Healthy Snack Your Kid Will Love

Pump up the protein and dial down the carbs! Our breadless Ham Sammie Roll-Ups come together in just 15 minutes for a speedy, satisfying #snack.

Quick and Easy Kid Snacks

Baking apple slices "low and slow" will give them the crispy, crunchy texture of a potato chip. No oil or salt required! Just add a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Quick and Easy Kid Snacks

Pretzel sticks play the role of edible skewers in this fun snack time take on the classic Italian caprese salad.

Quick and Easy Kid Snacks

Rather than plain ol' PB&J, smear nut butter and fresh berry puree over a whole-grain toaster waffle. Click for more unique lunch and #snack ideas.

Liven Up The Lunch Box

This frosty, fruity watermelon snack will be the ★ of any summer party.

Perfect 4th of July Frozen Treat | The Homeschool Den

Whether as a BBQ or picnic side or a mid-afternoon snack, this Tangy Red Slaw's bright colors will lure kids to the table.

Summer Backyard BBQ

Become a portion pro! Learn exactly how much food to serve your child. #nutrition

Kids' Food Portions Mirror Their Parents' Portions

Our Banana Chews are way tastier than your typical fruit chips! A light coconut oil topping helps the slices keep a bit of chew. How tasty would these be dipped in peanut butter and honey?

Dairy-Free Desserts

Craving cookies? Try our sweet Banana Biscotti instead. Each piece has just 100 calories and the whole recipe requires only 5 ingredients! #dessert

Healthy Snacks for Moms to Be

Cool it! Our refreshing frozen Watermelon Lime Ice Pops only require 2 ingredients. (And using a cupcake liner to catch drips? Genius!)

Dairy-Free Desserts

Help your child build one "house" from potato chips and small candies and another from apple slices and peanut butter. Then huff and puff. Which is stronger--and will make your body stronger?

Instilling Healthy Habits

Flower-shaped cookie cutters take cucumber cream cheese sandwiches from simple to sensational.

Throw a Super Spa Party

Fresh or frozen berries, graham crackers, and Greek yogurt combine for one colorful, nutrition-packed parfait! Kids can help construct one for a snack or dessert.

Serve crunchy cucumers, carrots, bell peppers, and pita chips with creamy, protein-filled hummus for one perfect after-school #snack.

Healthy Daycare Snacks

Commemorate your grad's last day with an allergy-free classroom treat! Simply cut a square out of card stock , add ribbon, and use it as a mortarboard topper for a cup of applesauce.

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month

Just 5 wholesome ingredients (nuts, dates...) are required to make these No-Bake #Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls. So delicious and so simple!

Surprise! Your child (and you!) will LOVE these gluten-free, vegan, and raw #brownies.

Chances are you have everything you need for these well-balanced "sushi" sandwiches in your kitchen already!

Yum! A Healthy Snack Your Kid Will Love

These nutritious after-school snacks will tame your child's hunger without ruining his appetite for dinner. #SmartMarch

10 Healthy After-School Snacks

It looks (and tastes!) like chocolate chip cookie dough, but it's actually made from chickpeas! Get the recipe for @FamilyFun magazine's Faux Cookie Dough Dip for snacktime.

Foolin' Around! Funny April Fool's Pranks

Try one of these healthy snack options (like our Fruity Franks!) the next time it's your turn to bring treats for your child's class at school. #SmartMarch #Pinspiration

No-Stress School Snacks

Inspired by decorated #Easter eggs, @FamilyFun magazine's sweet strawberry treat will lure kids into loving fruit at snack time!

FamilyFun's Treat of the Month