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Holidays & Celebrations

Make the holidays more fun with decorating ideas, easy recipes, crafts, and more.

Too Much Halloween Candy: Our readers' best creative ideas for what to do with excess Halloween sweets!

Something as simple as a cinnamon stick or spring of rosemary tied to each napkin can go a long way to help add a festive pop to your holiday table.

A flocked #Christmastree looks more expensive than it is and looks fully decorated with less ornaments!

Kid-proof your holiday decor! Use floral wire to make fragile ornaments nearly impossible to knock off your Christmas tree.

Veggie Heads: Create a colorful clan by securing surplus garden produce onto pumpkins with toothpicks. If the pumpkin's rind is too tough for toothpicks to pierce, drill holes for them with a metal skewer.

Lashes and 'Staches: Here's a simple way to give your pumpkins lots of personality without carving them: Use double-sided tape to attach cutout card stock eyelashes and a mustache (or try eyebrows, sideburns, or a goatee). If your couple will be spending time in an uncovered area outside, use craft foam instead of paper.

Box Bat: With eerie glowing eyes and goofy grin, this nocturnal critter will happily perch on a mantel or a protected front porch.

Rat Bites: These treats, cleverly constructed from halved donuts, will provoke shivers of fright and squeals of delight.

Bagel of Doom: Your basic PB&J takes a wicked twist, thanks to plastic pearly whites. More silly than sinister, this bready bad boy makes a great seasonal lunch bag surprise or super-easy party snack.

Ghost Quencher: Drinking spirits takes on a whole new (and kid-friendlier!) meaning with a simple serving idea.

Mighty Spideys: Marching down the dining table, long-legged visitors add arachnid appeal to a Halloween meal. Their twisty limbs can also cling to furniture, banisters, or any other place that could use a little creepy-crawly cool.

Paranormal Pretzels: These bug-eyed beings are easy to make in large batches for a Halloween gathering or classroom party.

Witch-Topper Poppers: Packing the punch of pinatas without the mess and tears, these spellbinding little hats spill goodies when the tags are pulled. Display them on hooks or a branch. When it's time to pop them, take each hat down, then hold the cone in one hand while pulling the string with the other.

Selfie Costume: This trendy costume turns your child into a cell phone snapshot come to life.

Beautiful Bat: A no-sew felt poncho forms the wings for this fierce creature of the night.

Super Spider: This leggy look is created by duct-taping stuffed socks to a backpack -- which can be used to collect candy. Be sure to add plenty of Styrofoam ball eyes in creepy colors.

Outgoing Owl: Scalloped fleece shapes create a fluffy, feathered silhouette with a minimal amount of cutting.

For our Friendly Frog costume, simple craft foam shoe covers and oversize eyes transform your child into a prince of an amphibian. With our Shocking Shark, your child can wear a hoodie with face-framing teeth and a standing dorsal fin.

Hang fabric or curtain panels for an instant holiday photo booth for family snapshots. For extra fun, add printable props related to the specific holiday, like antler ears and Santa hats for Christmas.