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The Paris Review and the LRB: Read Everywhere

America’s most-read literary magazine meets Europe’s most-read book review. For a limited time only, you can get a year's subscription to both magazines for one low price, anywhere in the world. Reading for all seasons, starting today.

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Reading one Review while on break at another #ReadEverywhere

Paris Review & Espresso, Starbucks, Seongnam, South Korea. #ReadEverywhere

"To me, the facts of my life commemorated in a poem are the most boring part. It really is about process, about assembling language into poetry—this is where the satisfaction is." #readeverywhere

Enjoying some of the legendary Paris Review interviews with downtown Budapest in the background. #ReadEverywhere

A little bit of Darjeeling Tea + a little bit of The Paris Review + a little bit of quiet on a rainy Sunday morning = a whole lotta bliss. #ReadEverywhere

Got my wisdom teeth removed today but reading these lovely magazines in the comfort of my bed makes it better. #ReadEverywhere

During my four hour wait to pay the tuition fees at my university. #ReadEverywhere

Last shot at summer #ReadEverywhere

Long Beach #ReadEverywhere

In Pret a Manger, reading the Big Week by the beautiful novelist Zadie Smith #ReadEverywhere

Harvard Yard #readeverywhere

Flight essentials #readeverywhere

I can't wait to finish reading this issue! #readeverywhere

Me and my beekeeping partner have to #readeverywhere, even while checking our hives!

Familiar layout in the litter confirms rising status of neighbourhood #ReadEverywhere

We #ReadEverywhere: At the Musée Rodin, Paris, among the ghosts of Orpheus, Rodin, Rilke, Mapplethorpe, and in the footsteps of the inimitable Henri Cole. But first, let us take a selfie.

My Prufrock mug filled with The Big Dripper and the summer issue of The Paris Review make for a fantastic morning.

#readeverywhere ready to fly out of London to find some sunshine

Read, stop, think, reflect... Now back to read...Finished half of the issue today next to the Strand Bookstore #ReadEverywhere

"It doesn't get better than this." #ReadEverywhere

Create a special reading space for a special issue #ReadEverywhere

I was busy but took time out to #readeverywhere

Chilling with the LRB and Klara my dog in Manchester #readeverywhere

Terry enjoying the latest LRB issue with the big lobster, Victor Harbour SA. #ReadEverywhere

Nohoch Mul Pyramid at Coba Quintana Roo, Mexico #ReadEverywhere

Reading Gavin Francis’s article on pain in the LRB in Paris on the Boulevard St-Germain #readeverywhere

“The next day he handed in his resignation and was on a flight back.” #ReadEverywhere

Reading about pain in the London Review of Books on ashy Sólheimajökull in South Iceland #ReadEverywhere

Cork, Ireland. #ReadEverywhere

What reduced cities like Mostar to rubble? #readeverywhere

#ReadEverywhere staycation

In the Catskills... #ReadEverywhere

Catching some R & R ... and The Paris Review in Madison, CT #ReadEverywhere

Reading The Paris Review on the beach in Cape Cod #readeverywhere

Reading PARIS REVIEW at work, during my one hour break #readeverywhere

The current situation. #vacation #readeverywhere

Even in the birthplace of America #readeverywhere

Vacanze with Tretorn, Monocle Magazine, The Paris Review, and AMI Alexandre MattiussI.

What pairs well with Lyndon Johnson and The Paris Review? Taco salad. #readeverywhere

Where better to #ReadEverywhere than at a reading?

Savouring calmly Zadie Smith #209 in the heart of the restless middle eastern mountains of Lebanon #readeverywhere

Canadian holiday reading. #readeverywhere

#ReadEverywhere at the bus, Taberg Sweden

Enjoying the summer issue of The Paris Review in the winter sun. #ReadEverywhere

It's a Perfect Day for Bananafish #ReadEverywhere

Back on the train for my next meeting. Nothing like The Paris Review to pass the time. #ReadEverywhere

My Favorite Things. #ReadEverywhere

#ReadEverywhere in a Swedish modernist 20th century utopian suburb.

Porch hangs at mom’s. #ReadEverywhere

Waiting for the next issue of the PR #ReadEverywhere

I #ReadEverywhere! For example: In Paris, at Shakespeare and Company.

New Paris Review alongside my favorite snapshots of summer (and pancake mix) #ReadEverywhere

#ReadEverywhere This is night life.

Good size and durable, for beach reading #readeverywhere

Cafe and The Paris Review at Habit Coffee. #ReadEverywhere

Getting sand in my Paris Review. #readeverywhere

#ReadEverywhere LRB at Bea's of Bloomsbury

Contributor Adam Leith Gollner in Nanjing.

Not so bad really....

One way to kill time at Gatwick

Enjoying LRB during a Costa Book Awards reunion at the London Gin Club.

Relaxing with the LRB in Ypres.

Reading The Paris Review at Barnes & Noble, Union Square, Manhattan.

tru blu lil boo #ReadEverywhere

Sun, shades, and some great literature. #ReadEverywhere

When rain stops play it's always good to have a Plan (LR)B. #Readeverywhere

#ReadEverywhere with time to kill in Brooklyn.

Somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. #ReadEverywhere

Unminding. (Not to be confused with unwinding) #ReadEverywhere

Megan getting her head around the LRB at the British Museum

Reading in the Dead Sea

Just some light reading on the tube #ReadEverywhere

The best place in Texas to read The Paris Review: Austin. #ReadEverywhere

Sunny Summer Supper #readeverywhere

Dominican Republic #readeverywhere

The Paris Review in Plaza del Angel, Madrid. On Coronation Day!

The LRB in Brazil along the Anavilhanas Archipelago. #ReadEverywhere