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Space & Astronomy

About space exploration, astronomy and the universe

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How NASA’s Next Mars Spacecraft Will Greet The Red Planet On Sunday

Mars' Olympus Mons, The Tallest Mountain in our Solar System, as Seen From Orbit

Phobos Occults Mars - SpaceRef

Phobos Occults Mars - SpaceRef

A stellar discovery on our galaxies far side 5 stars promise new insight it's structure. A Hubble image can capture scores of distant galaxies, but the one galaxy we’ll never see is our own.No one knows the Milky Way’s exact size & shape. It took more than a century to establish that our galaxy a barred spiral with an elongated central region. for the 1st time, we have detected stars on the far side that can serve as yardsticks, which will divulge secrets about the Milky Way structure.

The Planet Mars. (by Infinity-imagined

An Afternoon on Mars

‘Rainbow’ on Venus Seen for First Time

Mars Got Hit By a Meteorite, And Now There's a Picture / Follow up with NASA's high-resolution HiRISE camera captured this dramatic impact crater

History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian

'Hand of God' nebula: NASA's Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, has imaged the structure in high-energy X-rays for the first time, shown in blue

The Chinese Jade Rabbit lunar rover, taken by the camera on the Chang'e 3 probe during the mutual-photograph process. China aims to launch i...

Pictures of the year 2013: space - Telegraph

Nasa's Cassini spacecraft captures Saturn's rings and Earth and its moon in the same frame Picture: AP Photo/NASA/JPL-Caltech

High resolution photo of mars

Photographer Babak Tafreshi took this photo of star trails on the Chajnantor Plateau, at an altitude of 5000 metres in the Chilean Andes. Th...

NASA's Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes have probed the stormy atmosphere of a brown dwarf named 2MASSJ22282889-431026., showing wind-dri...

Pictures of the year 2013: space - Telegraph

Cyanea machina, a jellyfish drone that self-activates at temperatures above 30°C to transport freshwater from rivers to dry remote agricultural areas Read more: blogs.smithsonian...

History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places | Smithsonian

The Day the Earth Smiled (contrast enhanced) // On July 19, 2013, in an event celebrated the world over, NASA's Cassini spacecraft slipped into Saturn's shadow and turned to image the planet, seven of its moons, its inner rings -- and, in the background, our home planet, Earth.

Jewel of the Solar System / A swing high above Saturn by NASA's Cassini spacecraft revealed this stately view of the golden-hued planet and its main rings. The view is in natural color, as human eyes would have seen it.

This colorized mosaic from NASA's Cassini mission shows the most complete view yet of Titan's northern land of lakes and seas. Saturn's moon...


Spectacular Liftoff Thrusts China’s First Rover ‘Yutu’ to the Moon

Gas cloud forming outside the atmosphere after disintegration - Luca Parmitano

Saturn As You’ve Never Seen It Before. Please visit the link to see a greatly enlarged image.

Cassini’s Saturn: Incredible mosaic by Gordon Ugarkovic.

Robot astronaut Kirobo