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Lego Party: pick-up a lego block by sucking it up with a straw and moving it to the plate. The person who moves the most blocks in 2 minutes wins.

Colección Imprimible Fiesta Infantil Fiesta Lego personalizada BASIC :: BASIC Lego party printable collection by Parttis

Diseño y creativas ideas para una Fiesta de Lego :: Lego party design and creative ideas

Diseño de impresos para una Fiesta de Lego :: Lego party designs

Upcycling baby food jar into cool-looking lego storage

Hermosas galletas Lego :: Beautiful Lego Cookies

Vasos amarillos con caras de Lego man :: Yellow cups with Lego man faces

Dibuja caras de LEGO MAN en globos amarillos :: Draw LEGO MAN Faces on yellow balloons

Platos para una fiesta Lego

Lego party for Isaac