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Adult Halloween Costume Ideas

Be fiercely fashionable in the most thrilling threads this Halloween! Get inspiration from the hottest adult Halloween costumes, trends and costume ideas of 2013, plus mix & match accessories inspiration to help you totally transform into your own YOUnique character!

Create a casual caped-crusader look! With a bat-symbol t-shirt, cape and a few key Batman accessories, you'll be ready to go BAM! BOOM! POW!

Superhero Masks, Superhero Capes & Accessories - Party City

It's all fun and games in a masterful clown disguise! To pull it off, add make-up and accessories like a circus clown tie and silly hat!

Clown Costumes & Accessories - Wigs, Shoes & Makeup- Party City

Suit up for duty! Our doctor accessories are the cure for the common costume! Combine hospital gloves, a stethoscope & surgical mask to complete the look!

Stay alive in a full '70s get up! Bust out a hip outfit and finish it off with a super-groovy fro wig, shades & gold chain to create this over-the-top funky Disco Dude!

Stand out of the zombie crowd with an upgraded zombie look! Add some wounds, creepy corpse hair & just the right zombie walk for the ultimate gasp-inducing costume!

Adult Zombie Man Costume- Party City

Isn't it amazing how white, pink and turquoise makeup, bright lipstick + an orange wig take this madcap Mad Hatter look from ordinary to outrageous?!

Halloween Makeup Kits & Face Paint - Party City

Fiendishly fun makeup for ghostly ghouls or Day of the Dead characters… conjured up by our makeup artist at the Party City Halloween conference. To die for!

Need a costume ASAP? Mask + gloves, bustier, tutu and stockings or leggings = instant RAVEN-ous! We love how you can create totally different looks from the same collection ... Click for more custom mix-n-match costume ideas!

Womens Unique Halloween Costumes - Party City

Be untamed! Transform into your own breed of *zebra cutie* with wild coordinating mix-n-match accessories like masks, catsuits, gloves, corsets & more… #BeACharacter

Zebra Cutie Accessories- Party City

Be captivating! Create your own YOU-nique costume with mix & match pieces like masks, wings, gloves, tutus and bustiers from our fantasy collections like Night Owl, Woodland Fairy and many more. #BeACharacter

Womens Unique Halloween Costumes - Party City

Creepin' out with cool skeleton costume makeup - click for more 'Black & Bone' skeleton costume ideas. #BeACharacter

This marriage is goin' nowhere ... zombie bride & groom = killer couples costume idea.

Couples Horror Costumes - Party City

Be heavenly! ♥ playing with glam Angel accessories like silken gloves & tinsel wings. The corset and tutu are so sweet they're sinful! #BeACharacter

Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City
  • Cole McKinnon

    thank you so much. I, like many I suspect, had no idea that you had plus size costumes.

  • Party City

    Glad to help! Who r u gonna be? Would love to share if you can pin a photo showing your costume and tag us @Party City ... we can help get the word out! :) Happy Halloween!

  • Cole McKinnon

    A princess of course. NOT.

  • Adrennalin

    Love the tinsel wings! Wearing them gogo dancing this NYE. Wondered how a custom embellished corset and micro tutu would look with it, now I have an idea, time to go craft!

  • Party City

    Adrennalin - how fun! Glad our outfit inspired you!

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Be tricky! Tricksterina is a ballerina with a dark side ... Black & white tutu dress + harlequin thigh-highs and gloves + skull scepter = one of 2013's edgiest Halloween costume ideas! #BeACharacter

Tricksterina Costume for Women- Party City

Be proud! Creating a look from 100s of accessories = brilliant adult Halloween costume. Click to strut your stuff as a pretty peacock like no other! #BeACharacter

Pretty Peacock Accessories- Party City

Be wild! Corset and tutu + leopard accessories = fierce wildcat, fresh off the jungle catwalk. Follow Party City for more hot costume ideas! ♥ #BeACharacter

10 Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City
  • Nadine Kala

    Lug this!!! :)

  • Nadine Kala

    Lol!!! Damn phone... Luv Not Lug... :)

  • Party City

    LOL autocorrect can be WILD huh? Thanks Nadine, we love it too and it's super-popular!

  • Nadine Kala

    Yes that autocorrect can be super wild lol!! Just wished I would remember to read what I write b4 sending lol! :) Well,, This costume will definitely be in my top choices for next year's Halloween Party..

Be-witching! A black petticoat, spider jewelry, mask and bedazzled heels take your look from witch-in-training to sexy spellcaster. #BeACharacter

Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City

Be showy! Go as a Cirque du Sexy ringmaster in hot accessories like vests, bustles & mini top hats. Crack the whip... it's show time! #BeACharacter

10 Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City

Be Purrfect! Whether you're a kitten or a panther, start with a slinky catsuit costume and add "paws," sexy boots, studded leather and more to complete your transformation. Meow! #BeACharacter

Femme Fatale Catsuit Costume for Adults- Party City
  • Duni Molerio

    hot! love catwoman and any other of ur costumes with gloves i love gloves!

  • Party City

    Gloves rock, Duni!

  • Duni Molerio

    Yay thanks so much Party City! :-D

  • Duni Molerio

    Hey Party City what's up? I sent u my 2 costumes 4rm a long time ago that I got 4rm your store: the Scarlet Johanson costume & the waitress costume.I also posted here and on facebook too! PLEASE GO 2 MY BOARD AND WRITE IF U LIKE IT!

  • Duni Molerio

    Also, please go to your messages on Facebook now and respond to my message! I also posted it on your wall (the message).

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Rainbow bikinis, tutus and butterfly wings? Yes, please! We ♥ funky fabulous Rave Wear! Click for more of this year's top 10 Halloween costume trends! #BeACharacter

Top 10 Halloween Costume Trends- Party City

Be flirty! Stand out from the flock with a YOU-nique mix of feathered peacock costume accessories. Click for more like this! #BeACharacter

10 Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City

Be bad to the bone! Get Day of the Dead–inspired costume ideas from our 15-second timelapse transformation. Shop 'Black and Bone' skeleton costume ideas at #BeACharacter

Be skeletal chic! Corset + tutu + collar = gothic glam. Mix it up your way... click for 20+ accessory ideas. #BeACharacter

It doesn’t take witchcraft to conjure a shriek-worthy costume! Sink your fangs into wicked-cool mix-n-match accessory ideas, 2013’s hottest trends, & more… Rule Halloween, be YOU-nique! #BeACharacter

Hot Ways to Create Your Own Look with Accessories- Party City