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The Serious Effects of Stress on Your Skin

Vitamin D Supplement Dosage Warning: The amount of vitamin D in your supplement may vary SIGNIFICANTLY from the label

5 Ways to Care for Your Skin When You’re Sick

Did you know that men in Utah have the highest rates of skin cancer? Or that women in the 6th century wanted pale skin so badly that they bled themselves white? There’s so much to know about skin care, beauty and the health of the skin. Check out this collection of amazing infographics and learn something new! #infographic #beauty #skincare

5 New Things I’ve Learned about Skin Care in the Past 5 Years FutureDerm

What Alcohol Consumption does to your Skin - click through to read the post at #FutureDerm Photo: Drinking by paukrus, via Flickr

5 Reasons Why You MUST Wash Your Face Morning and Night. This post is from one of the highest regarded skincare blogs on the web, FutureDerm. Nicki, the blog founder, is a med student focusing on dermatology. She thoroughly researches all her information and provides links to the original research to back up her claims.

When Did Tanned Skin Become Fashionable? Interesting short article on how tanning became popular

BLOG: Dandruff (aka Seborrheic Dermatitis) – Dermatologist’s Treatment Tips

How Often Should You Clean Makeup Brushes? This article comes from a blog run by a dermatologist, this post is by a licensed aethetician.

Infographic: One way to share breast cancer numbers