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A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914. He never returned, leaving the tree no choice but to grow around the bike.

Two Dutch Men go through a simulation machine. giving birth. English subtitles. Amazing! This should be mandatory for all men to experience!!

I've been saying this my whole life, people just want to feel they're worth fighting for.

It's the little moments of bravado that inspire others to fight for equality.

What a perfect quote to come across tonight. Two years ago today my sweet friend Beth lost her battle with cancer. I miss her everyday. She truly will be in my heart forever.

It’s a hamper/washer/dryer. After you fill it up, an automatic wash and dry cycle initiates. It’s even Wi-Fi enabled to help you monitor it remotely. Once it’s finished, it’ll alert you via email or text message to your phone

I WANT TO DO THIS ONE DAY! Worth reading- this sweet gal completed 38 "random acts of kindness" on her birthday to celebrate her 38th birthday. There are a ton of great ideas on here! I would do these in a heartbeat and often, if I had money to do so. Most of these things cost money tho.

aquamarine and diamond bracelet. Its so hard to find my birthstone in pretty stuff!

"On my 16th bday, my dad gave me a half heart necklace and kept half of it. My half was attached to my bouquet on my wedding day. At the reception, he surprised us by giving his half to Chris. He literally passed down the responsibility of holding on to my heart." (Tucking this away in case I ever have a girl.)

Miss you grammy. :|

Mother of God! Im so terrified of a regular old waterslide. lol.