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Victorian post mortem photos

Victorian pics

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Victorian post mortem photos

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children is this a momento mori? The little one leaning against the mom doesn't look quite right?!


little child in elaborate burial dress

Post Mortem Photo's

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Post-Mortem Mother and Child

Memento Mori - Photography -From the original poster, this is a confirmed post mortem image. Its unusual to see such injuries and very sad.

  • Lynda

    Actually, this isn't a confirmed post-mortem. It is a photo of a woman suffering from a medical condition, which is why the photo was taken of the more-ravaged side of her face.

  • Deirdre Stewart

    Probably a matchmaker suffering from a condition caused by exposure to phospherous

memento mori...

momento mori

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Maria Halloran Postmortem. Cabinet card, ca. 1890. Her eyes remind me of this woman's, though more sunken:

Postmortem, 1877, The Netherlands

This is a beautiful postmortem photo. A little sleeping beauty with flowers placed in her hands and around her neck.

What an artistically composed photo this is of a woman and daughter documenting their mourning. Really impactful photo.

this is a photo of 2 sisters, the one on the left has passed away. This will be the last photo & memory of their loved one. Very common in Victorian days.You can see the look of despair as the sister on the right is literally holding her beloved sister up to create a natural photo. These photographs were called "Memento Mori"

Jordan Chesney | Filmmaker
  • Beverly Wilgus

    Shan Jones, Because I know the body of her work and there are a lot of pictures of the same ladies sitting and relaxing out doors and there is no reason to think she is dead. They did not dress up their dead bodies and take them to a lake side to sit. Why do you think she is dead? If it is because you saw it on the internet and it said she was dead be aware that many photographs that are labeled as post mortem on the internet are in fact of live people.

  • ❤️Shán❤️

    I understand that it is said that they prop children up to help them stand still for the photo, but grown adults being supported when they would be able to stand still is pause for thought, the lady by the lake if not dead must be quite I'll if she can't sit straight for a few moments, debatable. Anyone not present can't be positive.

  • Beverly Wilgus

    Shan Jones, they used posing stands for both children and adults and they did not "prop them up. The stands had open rests for the head and the the back to steady people. Exposures were several seconds for many years and it is more comfortable to have something to rest against. They had no straps to hold people in place. This is my Pinterest page that shows the construction and use of posing stands.

  • ❤️Shán❤️

    You seem to be an expert, still there are more photographs of people standing quite happily for several seconds without props than with, so I don't see that point, most of them look very much alive to me, especially those with eyes open.

  • Beverly Wilgus

    Shan Jones, Yes there are many people standing without any visible sign of a posing stand. If you read what I posted you will see that at a point in time the head rests are only used for nervous people and in low light. The use of the head rest was to help people hold still. This destroys the "they must be dead because there is a head rest showing". Dead people look like dead people.

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Ornate framed memorial Post Mortem photo with human hair, shadow box. Remembrance cabinet card photograph circa 1885, by photographer Leon Huisman of Liege Belgium.

A mourning mother with her baby or a post mortem image of a mother and her child. Late 1870s.

Tintype, 1870. Postmortem?

I love post mortem photography, the last sweet image of of a life.

  • Sharon Crawford

    I know these picture may seem wrong to us but they are very beautifully done.

memento mori photos

Memento Mori Photography

Post-mortem daguerreotype

Post mortem daguerreotypes

Momento Mori

Memento mori, conjoined twins

memento mori