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A corollary to the compact kitchen concept, this fully circular kitchen by Alfred Averbeck is apt for both commercial as well as residential usage. It incorporates everything required for a standard kitchen arrangement, from a sink and dished, to a microwave, dishwasher, and a cook top and so on. Being round in shape, it can be rotated at a full 180 degrees, with 360 degree rotatable shelves, making easy access to utensils, pans and glassware.

ogon bill size wallet black

Fruit slide...neato.

why haven't I found this website sooner?

MUUTO created a design with a vent where the lit match securely travels down to the tealight so you don't burn your fingers.

Finally. A pitter! and a scooper!! This will make Guacamole in a flash. DON'T forget to plant that pit! Kuhn Rikon All-In-One Avocado Tool | Williams-Sonoma

really, really want this! glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom etc

Taco Plates! Where have these been all my taco eating life?!

a simple solution for saving energy

This one is by Smart Swipe........Easy online payments! No more entering your details.