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Roses- (95) Bi Colored Shades of Roses

We all can have a favorite flavor! What's Yours? Ninety Five Shades of Gorgeous Roses in two or three tones .

Love this rose color for wedding bouquets

Roses: Bicolor,Cream,Red.** Varigated Cream & Red.*** Variety:( Xcite)

Roses: Bicolor, Novelty,Pink.** Light pink Petals Edged in Hot Pink. ** Variety:( Vogue) ** Number of Petals: (40-44) ** Vase Life:(10-12) Days.** Fragrance: (NO)

Roses: Bicolor,Cream & Novelty Pink*** Variety:( Vinci)

Roses: Bicolor,Orange***The most appreciated bicolor** Bright Orange-Cream Variety.*** Variety: (Verano)** Number of petals: (45-50)** Vase life:(12-14) days Fragrance: NO

Roses: Bicolor Red & Yellow Mixed.*** VARIETY:( Utopia)** Number of Petals:( 35-45)** Vase Life: (14 )Days

Roses: Bicolor,*(Cream Outer Petals Edged in Red) Novelty** Variety: {Twist}

Roses: Bicolor, Novelty,Red,& White**(White Outer Petals Edged in Red)** Variety:{ Twingo}** Number of petals: (27-29)** Vase Life: (12-14) days** Fragrance: (NO)

Roses: Bicolor,Novelty,Red,White** Variety: (Twiggy)** Number of petals:( 50-52 )** Vase Life: (12-14) Days** Fragrance: (NO)

Roses: Bicolor,Yellow*** (Very similar in color to the Aalsmeer Gold variety)**Variety: (Tresor 2000)*** Number of petals: (34-38)** Vase Life:(12-14) Days** Fragrance: (NO )** (EXCELLENT Bright Yellow alternative)

Roses: Bicolor, Orange,Red***Variety: (Taurus)** Vase Life: (12-15) days

Roses: Bicolor, Red,Yellow** Variety:(Tantaus Konfetti )** Number of petals:( 29 )** Vase life:( 12-14) days** Thorns: (YES)** Fragrance: (NO)

Roses: Bicolor, Novelty Pink** Variety: (Pink)** Number of petals: (35-40)** Vase life (21) Days

Roses: Bicolor, Cream ,Novelty*** Variety: (Summer Versilia)** Number of petals: (40-45)** Vase life: (12-14) days*** Fragrance: (NO)

Roses: Bicolor,** ( Yellow Rose Edged in Hot Pink)*** Variety: (Star Ambiance )** Number of Petals:( 45-50)** Vase Life: (12-14) days

Roses: Bicolor,***( Outer Cream petals edged in Orange)*** Variety: (Signature)

Roses: Bicolor**( Pink with Red Edging )** Variety:( Scandal)