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Bunnies for your own little Easter Bunny! Lots of cute and imaginative Easter Basket gifts at our Houston Store.

Top Hat Easter Bunny Boy and Easter Bonnet Bunny Girl

Bunny and chick

Sweet sweet bunny

Early Papier Mache Rabbit Candy Container Easter

Peeps in the rain :)

Faux- Chocolate bunnies

  • Lori S

    You can buy already made ceramic chocolate bunnies if you want a super easy project for the kiddos. (My nephew and I did some of these when he was only 3 -- while he was off playing, I would touch up/even out each coat (so it would actually end up looking like chocolate) and he didn't know the difference :o) The vendor from whom I used to purchase my ready-to-paint ceramic rabbits had SO many different candy molds in which she made them, but she's no longer in business. I've seen other vendors selling them on eBay and such -- most easily found by including a term like "unfinished" or "ready-to-paint" along with "ceramic bunny" (otherwise you pull up all sorts of finished rabbits). You might want to try a BLACK initial coat which is what we ended up doing for most of our bunnies, whether milk or dark chocolate ;o)

  • Lori S

    "ceramic bisque" is another good term to include to find unfinished/paintable rabbits.