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Patricia Munn

Patricia Munn

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My first tattoo. Made by Catherine in Mystic Tattoo, Grenoble, France

I've lived a thousand lives. Love the books - I love books.

DIY Temporary Body Tattoo. easy peezy. just use tracing paper, a gel pen, an old cloth and water. Almost like the tattoos you buy from Walmart except you design your own.

My latest tattoo, cursive J and a heart

star out of music notes tattoo - @Allison Gross, I know you'd probably never get a tattoo, but how awesome is that!

I'm not the hugest fan of initial tattoos but i think this one may be a different story! How awesome with an 'H'!!

  • rabia brown

    What did u use to help make the style? I would really like doing this because I love art so please have where u got it not trying to sound dumb because it looks like everyone knows what ur using:-$

  • Allie Reina

    it's black henna dye paste

  • Kristina Kruzan

    Black henna paste is very dangerous. You can do this same design using natural henna and get a safe stain that last weeks. Black henna is not worth the risk of rashes, third degree burns, and anaphylactic shock.

  • Lois Brett

    this is a hennalounge design, they absolutely do not use black "henna" (ppd chemical paste). This photo was taken with the natural henna paste still on the skin, giving it a very dark appearance. The actual stain on the lower back will be reddish brown.

The Ultimate Toilet for #Poker Players! Every Casino and Poker Room should have these

I think this table runner concocted from a deck of cards is creative and completely doable. A needle and thread is all you need.

Depending on the celing, can we have some of these above the tables? if not I'm sure we can incorporate them into the centerpieces :D