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Workshop - How to Make Instructables - Offset 224

Reason #38 to own a handgun.

If you own a Weapon, You will want to save this. ON-LINE MANUAL FOR EVERY GUN ON EARTH. FANTASTIC RESOURCE TO HAVE.

Shotgun shot size

10 Shooting Skills Every Gun owner Must Know

We got us a new big dog in town...

Packing Pretty a website geared towards women


Coming from one of King Barry's best friends who bombed the pentagon. I have to ask....if these peoples hate America so much, WHY DO THEY LIVE HERE? GET THE HELL OUT. And that includes you Barry. >>> BILL AYERS TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS: "AMERICA‘S ’GAME IS OVER‘ AND ’ANOTHER WORLD’ IS COMING". I don't know about you but I like the one I had 4 years ago before the Communist moved into the White House. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

This is absolutely unbelievable and unfathomable!!!!! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

The message is: if you can't trust President Obama to tell the truth, how can you trust him to lead?

Number Of Times Obama Has Tweeted About Jay-Z And Beyonce: 47 – Number Of Times He Tweeted About Murder Of Four Americans In Libya: 1