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For my "New"sed home!!!!!

Add crown molding to the top of a window frame for a serious yet simple face lift!

Really like this...can ya tell??

Oh! How Pinteresting! IF ONLY this would be utilized if we put it up in the laundry room!!

Corners always suck! This would be a must have in every kitchen!!! --I so totally agree w/this comment!! I want to have every inch of my kitchen cabinets where they are "usable!!"

DIY twine chandeliers -- will def have these in my house one day! Who needs to buy expensive lighting when you can do this? I'll be the twine could be colored, too!!

Makes more sense and looks better than those plastic things... LOVE THIS!! Makes perfect sense and definitely will be having this in my kitchen, too!!

Shower curtain hooks as purse holders! I'm so doing this!! Better than having my purses in a box on the top shelf of my closet - This would be PERFECT in the laundry room soon-to-have walk-in!