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Louisville Fossils and Beyond: Sea Urchin with Spines

Louisville Fossils and Beyond: Sea Urchin with Spines

Red coral fossil 20 million years ago (Barker / Rps)

Genova: in mostra le migliori foto di scienza

Dinosaur tracks have been discovered up a near vertical wall in a Bolivian quarry. Spread across a limestone slab a mile long and almost 300 feet high, this great wall at Cal Orcko near the city of Suvre reveals more than 5,000 footsteps, with 462 discrete trails. / via @Bianca Prince

The Incredible Dinosaur Wall of Bolivia

Twitter / MSidKelly: Another boulder from Lyme Regis ...

Dinosaur Ridge Trail Map - China | ... about them, specifically dinosaur tracks, a favorite subject of mine

In the 1930s, some Glen Rose-area farmers sold dinosaur tracks they excavated from the Paluxy riverbed. (Photo courtesy of the Paluxy Valley Archives and Genealogy Society)

Host Mark Horstman pointing to dinosaur tracks (highlighted). Catalyst, ABC

Stampeding Dinosaurs and the Genesis Flood - Creation Revolution

dinosaur tracks at dinosaur discovery site johnson farm st george utah ...

Dinosaur tracks in the riverbed of the Paluxy River near Glen Rose, Texas. Some of the tracks reveal human footprints right inside the dinosaur footprints!

"Dinosaur and Human Tracks Found Together, Page 2"

"Part" and "counterpart" fossils of a frond of Alethopteris, a seed fern. The plant fossils create planes of weakness within the nodules, wh...

Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose, Texas was named one of the 40 Must-See Places to Take Your Kids Before They're Grown! Take the kids on a ranger-lead tour through the Paluxy riverbed and wade right up to some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. :) - top 10 daily repins of

Must-See Places to Take the Kids Before They're Grown

"You could see a human footprint like this today on any beach or patch of mud. But this footprint -- clearly from the anatomy of a modern human being -- is fossilized in stone estimated to be about 290 million years old."

Ancient Footprint - Ancient Artifacts

Tiger Iron (Stromatolite) ... Stromatolites are laminated fossils formed by blue-green algae and sediment. Sediment sticks to the surface of the living algae, forming a crust. In turn, the algae grows through the sediment to form a new layer of living matter. A new film of sediment sticks to the algae and so on. The resulting structure looks like a mound. In cross section, each layer can be seen. Stromatolites are the most abundant fossils known from the Precambrian

Fossils aren't just the remains of plants or animals. This is a Paleocastor burrow fossil, the preserved remains of a corkscrew den up to 9 feet in length, occupied by an early type of beaver. From Sioux County, Nebraska.

Roy Chapman Andrews. His life was the basis for the character of Indiana Jones. He explored Mongolia and brought back dinosaur fossils, some of them are on display at the Museum of Natural History in New York.