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Mourning Dove: A gentle and entertaining nester, the Mourning Dove raises as many as five broods each year! The whistling noise it emits when taking flight is made when the outer wing feathers beat the air. Get more information at

Mourning Dove | Attracting Birds - Birds and Blooms


Owl Print By David Davis

♥ just love these birds! We have a big family of quail make their way across our lawn going from one pasture to another.

DIY: Easy Oriole Feeder. This DIY oriole feeder is simple to make and all fruit-loving birds will flock to it.

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bird apartment complex. so adorable

Log Style Bird Feeder A do it yourself natural feeder for the birds. It's easy and inexpensive to create and looks great in any backyard or garden. Your feathered friends will thank you. Also makes an excellent gift idea.

Burrowing Owlet Siblings. Oh my gosh I love them!!!

for the birds Got a bundt pan? Ok, fill it will cranberries, bird seed, nuts add water and freeze. Hang with a strong string and watch the birdies and squirrels enjoy a meal.

bird feeder - coat hanger and a Slinky

What is this bird? (angry bird lol)

Cardinal Bird | Greg Schneider… Birds Cardinalids Northern Cardin… Female northern ...