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Maybe you lost yours ?

I laughed WAY too hard at this. And just want to see if you're paying attention. :)

Very close to death…


Вот такими должны быть семейные фотографии

Repainted Ken to resemble Russel Brand.

  • Bette

    This doll is creeping me out.... Have a good day! I gotta get some yard work done today. :)

Attack Of The Funny Animals - 60 Pics
  • Peggy Souther

    So true! Mine walk all over me, anywhere and on anything in this house.....but's their house!!

  • Patricia Jones

    I wonder if she is calling a hot British guy?

  • Peggy Souther

    Oh, I!'m sure! Ha! If she gets him, wonder if she'll keep him with those 2 cats!!

  • Patricia Jones

    I go inside many homes and some people keep it a secret that a cat lives there. Then others...not so much! Stinky stink. lol

  • Peggy Souther

    Yeah, it can be one way or the other....hopefully the former! Lol. The ones that have the stinky house....they are used to it, I think! They don't eve realize it.....maybe.

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