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Natural weed killer recipe - Combine 2 cups of vinegar with ½ cup table salt in a spray bottle, add a dash of liquid dish soap to it. Mix well to dissolve the salt. Set spray nozzle to "stream" rather than "mist" and aim for the base of the weed. Spray on a hot sunny day, avoid spraying on windy days as it can kill plants too. Your weeds will usually die within a week, if not, reapply.

Lemony Orzo Pasta Salad with Feta and Cucumber | 29 Pasta Salads To Chill Out With This Summer

Garlic Mushroom Quinoa - An easy, healthy side dish that you'll want to make with every single meal!

Slow Cooker Corn and Jalapeno Dip - Simply throw everything in the crockpot for the easiest, most creamiest dip ever!

This is one of my favorite dips - I actually use 2 cups of cheese though :)

Cheese Tortellini With Spinach, Peas, and Brown Butter Recipe AB: Really good - and really easy!

Crispy Quinoa Bake AB: best veggie dish i've made thus far!

Couscous With Carrots, Spinach, and Pistachios AB: Was pretty good - a little dry. Best eaten warm.

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips & Tricks. Some of these I just don't care enough about, but there are def a few gems in there.

10 Simple Household Tips for everyday cleaning For more ideas visit

Hummus 3 ways from Myra Goodman's latest cookbook, Straight From the Earth #vegan @Sheila -- Collette Farm

Nautical Birthday - Printable Party - Baby Shower - First Birthday - sail boat - 1st, 2nd, 3rd birthday - Boy - Girl - DIY Printable

good idea for the Birthday Girl or Boy no matter their age :) could be a fun art project with Pre-K. Take a picture, print it out and design your own hat!

Baked Parmesan Mushrooms - The easiest, most flavorful mushrooms you will ever make, baked with parmesan, thyme and lemon goodness!

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