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6 Canning Tips That Will Change Your Life… Really Great site with list of local pick your own farm near you plus lots of DIY canning, freezing, jams, etc. ideas!

DIY Tomato Cage | How to Make a Wire Tomato Cage

Gardening tips: DIY Tomato Cage | How to Make a Wire Tomato Cage

Teri's Dill Pickels!

T. in the Burg: Dill's Gone Wild!

get rid of garden pests with: -1 quart water -2 tsp cayenne pepper -1 tsp liquid dish detergent mix in spray bottle

Natural Homemade Pesticides: Recipes & Tips :

Natural bug spray for the garden. 1 gallon of water 2 cups of Dawn soap 2 cups of plain listerine type mouthwash 1 tsp cayenne pepper Mix together, put in a spray bottle. 10 Steps to Organic Gardening

Avah Ham: 10 short/ easy Steps to Organic Gardening

How to Kill Your Tomato Plants in 5 Easy Steps! Learn how to grow lush tomatoes...or how to kill your plants easily.

Kill Your Tomato Plants in 5 Easy Steps - Adventures in Coupons

Cucumbers like it hot. Lettuce likes it cool and shady. Two in one! I'll remember this for next year!

How to Grow Cucumbers | My Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Very smart! Rinse veggies right in the garden, then re-use the water on the plants.

Tubtrug Colander

Kids' Science in the Garden...Fun ways to add even more science learning to your spring gardening!

Kids' Science in the Garden

Buy a flower pot that you really like and use Rustoleum's Glow-in-the-dark paint to paint the pot. During the day, the paint will absorb the sunlight and at night the pots will glow.

Claussen Kosher Pickle Copycat Recipe

Canning 101 Berries, tomatoes, and zucchini everywhere! When blessed with too much of a good thing, it’s time to get canning. Here’s how to do it.

Cut-and-Come-Again Lettuce - varieties of lettuce you can cut, and that will grow back (like grass)

How to fold newspaper into biodegradable planters.

Learn how to make your own stepping stones, an easy craft for kids and adults. This is the first of three tutorials on crafting garden stepping...

DIY miracle grow - Put Epsom salts and sugar into each hole with your plant. It makes them grow larger, leafier and greener

DIY "Topsy Turvy" Upside Down Tomato Planter ~ really easy to make and CHEAP!!! Great idea for saving space in your garden.