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DIY & Crafts that I love

This is called a Swedish flame make your cuts like you're cutting cake leave about 6 inches at the base throw some fuel oil in there about a cap full it burns up to two to three hours

Cinder block planters.

When a hole in a bucket is a good thing: Make a DIY hanging bucket planter and grow tomatoes upside down. You can decorate the buckets to make them even more appealing. Would be great for our empty 5 Gallon Bulk containers! :)

Homemade Flubber Recipe - It will keep your kids occupied for a long time! It has such a neat texture, you'll probably find yourself playing right along with them!

This is amazing, who knew?! I will be using some of these.

Wood pallet herb garden

Organic pest control- I'll need to copy some of these down to take with me to Papa's!

End of year teacher gift...Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever.

The 10 best cleaning tips -- Ask Anna

FLIES will never come in your house again! Pennies hung in a baggie of water near the door. Oklahoma people and restaurant owners do this and it really works.

paula arntzen's paper lighting

LEGO Quest Kids -- 51 challenges for kids to do with their legos. Very imaginative idea. Great boredom busters :)

Make this! So simple, yet so freaking smart.

How to make cinnamon scented pine cones. The prep alone will make your house smell like a dream!

Glue fake flowers to the bottom of a tall vase (or to stones you could drop in), fill with water, and top with a floating candle. Gorgeous and you could use any color to fit the room you put it in :)

Pink-at-heart Shop - | Teachers Notebook

Wow this site has HUNDREDS of activities for newborns to 5 year olds that are organized by 1/2 of their age all the way! Perfect for EVERY stage!!!